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Due to the coronavirus pandemic, IPSA’s office is currently closed and our staff are working from home.



Our phonelines are currently closed. If you have a query, you can book a telephone call with a member of the MP Support or Payroll team via our call booking service.

If you have a query about your tax code, please contact HMRC directly first on 03000 534 720 (staff) or 03000 581 588 (Members) as they can advise on why the code has been allocated and if it is correct. 

Please book a call with a Payroll Officer if you wish to discuss any matters relating to:

  1. Your own employment (terms and conditions, salary, pension, national insurance, any of our employee schemes – e.g. bike loan); or
  2. The MP's staffing budget and issues related to the employment of staff working for the MP (or volunteers). Please note that these discussions will be limited to the MP or their nominated payroll proxy with access to the staffing budget report in IPSA Online.

If you wish to discuss any other topics, please book a call with an Account Manager.

To book a call click here.

If you do have a telephone call, please use the feedback survey afterwards to let us know how it went, and suggest any improvements.



You can contact us by email:

If you have a query for MP Support, please email info@theipsa.org.uk

If you have a query for Payroll, please email payroll@theipsa.org.uk